History Wishes for the New Year

Practical historical advice everyone can use-

  • More Civil War discussion- less monument destruction
  • PBS rebroadcasts Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” nationally
  • Congress authorizes one quarter of the total for Trump’s wall to be used for historic preservation
  • Ed Bearss is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Americans rediscover the greatness of George Washington
  • The House of Representatives resists the temptation of impeachment
  • Congress seriously considers repealing the 17th amendment
  • The President’s new Chief of Staff takes his phone away
  • Freedom of speech returns to college campuses
  • Profit incentive removed from public education
  • More nonprofit charter schools
  • Proper historical debate and appropriate public discourse
  • Ending all talk of removing the Founders from the National Mall
  • Finish the Eisenhower memorial
  • Build a monument to Frederick Douglass in Washington DC

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