Stopping the Buck- Truman

When Donald Trump turned on his “Generals” and Barack Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal… partisans were quick to compare the moves to Truman’s relieving of Douglass MacArthur.   Trump’s utter lack of policy depth caused a rift with his inner circle of former generals.   McChrystal was placed in the improper position of a celebrity andContinue reading “Stopping the Buck- Truman”

Grant and Surrender

US Grant was not his name…but since his enrollment at West Point he had lived with it.  The Civil War brought him a nickname, Unconditional Surrender.  His victories at Forts Henry and Donelson had cemented his reputation for no-nonsense.  The best man at his wedding, Simon Bolivar Buckner, asked for terms when surrendering Fort Donelson- Continue reading “Grant and Surrender”

Defense of the Electoral College

Madison and Hamilton created the Electoral College for specific reasons… and suppressing minority voters was not one of them.  Plurality is part of the Federal electoral process, but integrated to meet the needs of federalism.  States matter in our compound republic.  Madison wanted them involved in the process of choosing the executive. Madison said,  “TheContinue reading “Defense of the Electoral College”