Jefferson and a New Historical Focus

Revisionists perpetuating the allegation that Thomas Jefferson… fathered all of Sally Hemings’ children now believe history is on their side.  The pressures of political correctness have relegated reasonable discourse on the issue to the fringe.  A scholar who questions the findings of writers like Annette Gordon-Reed, must be prepared to be labeled a racist.  TheContinue reading “Jefferson and a New Historical Focus”

Defending the Liberators

During a contentious meeting of NATO in 1966- French President, Charles De Gaulle threatened to leave the alliance if the United States continued dictating policy; he also proposed removing all US troops from French soil… President Lyndon Johnson was in no mood for De Gaulle’s histrionics-  LBJ instructed the translator to pose a most soberingContinue reading “Defending the Liberators”

Facts in Five- Memorial Day

Memorial Day by the numbers: The roots of Memorial Day can be traced to Athens and the Funeral Oration of Pericles–  honor those who have fallen, follow their example of citizenship The commemoration was originally made by the Grand Army of the Republic as Decoration Day-  flags were to be placed on all the gravesContinue reading “Facts in Five- Memorial Day”

Memorial Day Tribute

Thomas Jefferson Truitt enlisted in… Company D of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers on July 24, 1861.  He was a carpenter working near Kellersburg in Armstrong County PA.  His father, Anderson, died suddenly in October of 1860, leaving the family deep in debt and without a steady income.  To make ends meet, the widowed Sarah CaldwellContinue reading “Memorial Day Tribute”

The Generation of Abolition

Edward Coles was not a peer of Thomas Jefferson, yet misguided historians with a cultural axe to grind cite his actions as proof Thomas Jefferson failed mankind. Jefferson was 43 years older than Coles, a man from another time and place. The Virginia society which allowed Coles’s liberal views on slavery was largely crafted byContinue reading “The Generation of Abolition”

Hemings Exhibit and Monticello

Somewhere between conjecture, history, rumor, and slander rests the new Sally Hemings exhibit at Monticello. Bowing to the expediency of popular opinion and political correctness, the Jefferson foundation has cast off the duties and rigors of debate, context, and scholarly methods. The exhibit is built around a long debunked interview given by Madison Hemings inContinue reading “Hemings Exhibit and Monticello”

What is Political Courage?

Momentum toward impeachment hearings continues to grow in the halls of Congress…. Political critics of the President are targeting House Democrats(including the Speaker) who refuse to publicly call for hearings.  Pundits, eager for readership, attempt to recall impeachments past as evidence of political courage. –  **only in 1974 and 1868.  1999 was a gross overreachContinue reading “What is Political Courage?”

Slavery Caused Secession

Neo-secessionists and revisionists struggle uselessly to blame the Civil War… on Federal overreach, inequitable tariffs, and outmoded economic theory- they fail to see the forest for the trees.  The historical record settles matters plainly and without ambiguity. Future Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens delivered the clearest, most definitive explanation… for secession and the existence of aContinue reading “Slavery Caused Secession”