Hemings Exhibit and Monticello

Somewhere between conjecture, history, rumor, and slander rests the new Sally Hemings exhibit at Monticello.

Bowing to the expediency of popular opinion and political correctness, the Jefferson foundation has cast off the duties and rigors of debate, context, and scholarly methods.

The exhibit is built around a long debunked interview given by Madison Hemings in 1873. Voluminous studies have scrutinized the self-serving memoir, yet the Jefferson Foundation presents it as fact.

This is in keeping with the current trend of passing conjecture as historical fact. It should be noted that the descendants of Madison Hemings refused to participate in the 1998 DNA study published by Nature magazine.

Such efforts may well likely fan the flames of historical discord at a time when misguided passions are leading us closer to iconoclasm.

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