Chet Arthur, Tiffany and the 19-Year Screen

Originally posted on Presidential History Blog:
The dapper and fastidious Chester Alan Arthur No question about it, the White House receives a great deal of wear and tear. Chester A. Arthur: Accidental President New York politician Chester Alan Arthur Few people would have ever believed that Chester Alan Arthur, New York “spoilsman” politician, would ever…

Historical Revision in Perspective

At the heart of historical revisionism is distrust… a lack of faith in previous interpretations of the historical record.  This blog has bitterly observed the crass consumerism and intellectual vanity that often drive outlandish revisions in our history.  But, a closer examination reveals the true divide between revisionist and traditionalist- trust. As historians rush toContinue reading “Historical Revision in Perspective”

Chancellorsville By the Numbers

Chancellorsville is often called Lee’s “perfect battle”… facing the longest odds, using the boldest tactics, and winning the ultimate triumph- but a closer examination of the battle’s casualty statistics reveal a very different picture.  Far from perfect, Lee’s victory over Hooker was a costly, bloody gamble with marginal payoff. Twice dividing his outnumbered force beforeContinue reading “Chancellorsville By the Numbers”