Florence Harding And The Knife in her Back

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The political Hardings.

Warren Harding’s wife was difficult, but his paramours were no picnics either!

Warren the Romeo

Most citizens of Marion, Ohio in the late-1880s considered Warren Gamaleil Harding one of the handsomest young men in town, plus affable and easy-to-like.

harding w-moustache Warren Harding with a mustache

When he first appeared on the Marion scene, he was somewhat at a loss of vocation. Having spent a little time working for a printer and finding the work pleasant, he bought into The Marion Star, a small weekly newspaper. In time, it would become a major Ohio daily.

FlorenceHarding Florence Harding in her younger days.

The handsome young fellow had his choice of female companions, but always gravitated to the fast lane. A local divorcee five years his senior chose him. Florence Kling DeWolfe was the daughter of a rich-but-tyrannical father, average looking, and tough as nails. She was the ardent…

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