Reparations Will Divide

The House of Representatives will conduct hearings on slavery reparations – an idea that was not feasible in 1868 and is even more calamitous now.


Advocates for reparations cannot produce a consensus on how the policy will take shape.  The hearings will try to make sense of the many demands.


Ta-Nehisi Coates argues that our entire National Fabric should be restitched and our story rewritten.  Coates argues this can and must be done through monetizing the issue and with increased government action.  We should all quiver and such a proposal.  Who determines our remembrance? How deeply will this revolution penetrate into our personal liberties? Will the government tell us what to think and when to think it?…Mr. Coates is the featured speaker at the House hearing.


Monetizing acknowledgements of past wrongs is a slippery slope fraught with danger. Assuming we can identify all the direct descendants of African slaves in the United States, how much cash should each receive?  Once this wealth is redistributed, what if other groups claiming oppression and discrimination come forward demanding restitution?  Do we pay them as well? Where will this racially conscious extortion end?


** PracticallyHistorical supports remembrance and tempered repentance for the wrongs of slavery in our history.  The more we discuss our past, the better we can appreciate the experience of all Americans in our national story.  Promoting equal opportunity for all citizens must coincide with a rededication to our Founding principles.  Better education is the only way forward.

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