Facts in Five

The Young Napoleon Edition   George McClellan’s father was a renowned physician and founder of the Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia McClellan graduated West Point ranked second in the vaunted class of 1846- his classmates included Thomas J. Jackson, Jesse Reno, Cadmus Wilcox, AP Hill, and George Pickett Jefferson Davis was an influential mentorContinue reading “Facts in Five”

Peaceful Protest is Forgotten

Dr. King proclaimed the need for action, cooperation, and brotherhood.  Physical violence only begets more…   The chaos on our streets today besmirch his memory…. “We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our crea­tive protests to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again weContinue reading “Peaceful Protest is Forgotten”

A Lying Execrable Plagiarist, and His Helpers at the Smithsonian

nebraskaenergyobserver Like just about everybody else that knows anything about American history, I’ve fulminated about the crap (which is what Mitch Daniels, then Governor of Indiana and now President of Purdue called it when Zinn finally died) that is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States which is not only bad history slantedContinue reading “A Lying Execrable Plagiarist, and His Helpers at the Smithsonian”

The Civil War is Being Lost

In 2013 I attended the sesquicentennial celebrations at Gettysburg.  150 years of living history, remembrance,  and understanding. I tried to describe the experience in words….   A week never to be forgotten– the perfect culmination to my 20+ years of reenacting – men and women from all over the country coming together for history and remembrance-Continue reading “The Civil War is Being Lost”

Carnegie and Protecting Wealth

Andrew Carnegie rationalized his notoriously low wages… in a speech dedicating one of his 2,800 libraries in Pittsburgh in 1895; “The plan suggested does not commend itself as justifiable or wise, because there are higher uses for surplus wealth than adding petty sums to the earnings of the masses. Trifling sums given to each everyContinue reading “Carnegie and Protecting Wealth”

Madison and Original Intent

Joe Ellis explained the absence of serious Madison biographies… by proclaiming “he’s boring as hell” and that “only lawyers like him.” As previously stated, Ellis’s recent comments on the Framers and Original Intent cast doubt on the rigor of his scholarship- and these nuggets of wisdom only enhance the evidence of his misguided revisionism.  Continue reading “Madison and Original Intent”

WWII Glider Stands as a nod to Camp MacKall, NC

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:
Glider at Camp MacKall HOFFMAN, N.C. (Tribune News Service)  — The Army’s Special Forces, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations soldiers have been tried, tested and trained at Camp Mackall for decades. But long before the first Green Beret was built amid the remote satellite installation several miles west of Fort…

The Third Battle of the Bills: Taft & Bryan

Originally posted on Presidential History Blog:
In 1908, William Jennings Bryan was once again the Democratic Candidate against… The “Bills”: William Jennings Bryan and William Howard Taft William Howard Taft President Theodore Roosevelt had been in the White House for 7-and-a-half years. He had been elected as VP under Republican William McKinley in his second…

Piled Higher, Deeper- Degree Value

What makes an historian?… A collection of advanced degrees? The ability to thoroughly explain research? Published writing in a peer reviewed journal? Teaching eager young minds about the past? Could any combination of these qualify a person as an “historian?” The narrow parameters of academic discipline… create the appearance of rigid professionalism, but in effect,Continue reading “Piled Higher, Deeper- Degree Value”