Research and Conjecture- Jefferson Dilemma

Annette Gordon-Reed tries to explain… the suicide of James Hemings by excusing the biggest fault in her Pulitzer Prize winning book, lack of evidence. “He(Hemings)  had his own private world…that we simply cannot retrieve.” She has no problem discounting this inherent weakness when explaining every sinister motive and lustful desire found in Thomas Jefferson.  Here,Continue reading “Research and Conjecture- Jefferson Dilemma”

Bearing Arms- Long Before the Second Amendment

Progressives continue to argue that the Second Amendment is misinterpreted and private gun ownership is a modern phenomena.  These same “thinkers” insist that guarding against tyranny was never considered when the Bill of Rights was drafted. Poor attempts at documenting their erroneous narrative can be seen in the foolish assertion by Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy;Continue reading “Bearing Arms- Long Before the Second Amendment”

1619 Project, More Lies as History

nebraskaenergyobserver So the New York Times seems to have started a new (but not really) front in the culture wars with its so-called 1619 Project. You’ll remember that we talked a bit about it here. As we said there, part of this is the outcome of allowing our history to be Zinnified, since that fraudContinue reading “1619 Project, More Lies as History”

John Quincy Adams and Anne Royall

Originally posted on Presidential History Blog:
The curmudgeon and the public nuisance: an odd couple. John Quincy Adams When John Quincy Adams became President in 1825, there were few who could match his stellar credentials: A cosmopolitan European education, Harvard graduate, legislative appointments and a long career in foreign diplomacy, including eight years as Secretary…