Hamilton Predicted Trump’s Rise

Alexander Hamilton predicted the rise of a President like Donald Trump-  He describes Trump perfectly when warning his countrymen about he dangers of Aaron Burr.


“The expectation, I know, is, that if Mr. _____ shall owe his elevation to the (Republican) party he will judge it his interest to adhere to that party… and that it will be the interest of his Ambition to preserve and cultivate these friends…Mr. ______ will doubtless be governed by his interest as he views it, but stable power and Wealth being his objects…he will not long lean upon them—but selecting from among them men suited to his purpose he will seek with the aid of those and of the most unprincipled of the opposite party to accomplish his ends…Tis enough for us to know that Mr. ______ is one of the most unprincipled men in the UStates in order to determine us to decline being responsible for the precarious issues of his calculations of Interest.”

“As long as the (Republican)  party preserve their high ground of integrity and principle, I shall not despair of the public weal. But if they quit it and descend to be the willing instruments of the Elevation of the most unfit and most dangerous man of the Community to the highest station in the Government—I shall no longer see any anchor for the hopes of good men. I shall at once anticipate all the evils that a daring and unprincipled ambition wielding the lever of Jacobinism can bring upon an infatuated Country.”

** Replace “Burr”  with “Trump….

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