Essential Civil War Reading

Battle Cry of Freedom, by James McPherson.  Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this is the best one volume account of the War told by its greatest storyteller.  It traces the conflict from Free Soil to the assassination of Lincoln in an authoritative voice that has yet to be rivaled. To the Gates of Richmond, byContinue reading “Essential Civil War Reading”

Facts in Five

Jefferson’s Presidency by the numbers National debt in 1801- $112 million  Percentage of budget Jefferson designated to pay the debt- 78% The population of the US in 1801 was 5, 305, 982  – 893, 605 were slaves The United States paid $15 million for the Louisiana territory in 1803-  Equivalent to $233 million today TheContinue reading “Facts in Five”

Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park in Leesburg, Virginia

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A small park and cemetery memorializes one of the most lopsided and controversial battles of the American Civil War. Click to expand photos The Battle of Ball’s Bluff was fought on October 21, 1861 between Union forces commanded by Brig. Gen. Charles P. Stone and Col. Edward D. Baker…

Dolley Madison: Some Evicted Evening

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Dolley Madison’s reputation as the most popular First Lady is enshrined for all times…except Washington: The Summer of 1814 Whether he wanted it or not, President James Madison found himself embroiled in the War of 1812, in essence, the “second” war of independence from Great Britain.  England had been…

“Devil of a Whipping”- Cowpens

General Daniel Morgan knew his opponent. Lt. Colonel Banestre Tarleton was overly aggressive, particularly in pursuit of undisciplined militia. Morgan used this knowledge to trap Tarleton’s forces in hilly cow pasture. The Battle of Cowpens turned the tide of the Revolutionary War in the South. Just as we got to our horses, they overtook usContinue reading ““Devil of a Whipping”- Cowpens”

January 12, 1865: Davis Note to Blair

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 Go here to read about the peace initiative of Francis P. Blair who travelled to Richmond to meet with President Davis. Jefferson Davis was a very shrewd man, much shrewder I think than most historians have given him credit for being.  He realized that little could be expected from negotiations…

Harriet Lane’s Bracelet Story

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Harriet Lane served as de facto First Lady for her bachelor Uncle, POTUS James Buchanan. Little Orphan Harriet James Buchanan was a brother among many sisters. Having received a solid education, he became a successful Pennsylvania attorney, elected to Congress at a young age, and rose in Democratic political…