Hiss was the Wrong Martyr

This is an older post, as previously published, it was quite controversial. Students frequently ask me of this during our discussions of the Second Red Scare. Alger Hiss was not a victim of McCarthyism and he was definitely not a martyr. The American Communist Party of the 1930’s was not simply a social club ourContinue reading “Hiss was the Wrong Martyr”

Remarkable Restraint

Abraham Lincoln could have curried much political favor in the West had he ordered the executions of 303 Dakota Sioux – Instead, he reviewed each case. Despite the crushing defeat at Second Bull Run, the horrific carnage of Antietam, and the political fallout of issuing the Emancipation proclamation Lincoln still listened to the facts ofContinue reading “Remarkable Restraint”

Seventy-Five Years Since the Mass on Mount Suribachi

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? Seventy-five years ago today the Marines raised the flag over Mount Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima and a mass was said at the summit.  Iwo Jima probably has the sad distinction of being the most expensive piece of worthless real estate in the history of the…

Abigail Adams: On Virtue, Duty and Manners

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Abigail Smith Adams was a Puritan born and raised. Abigail Adams: Intellectual Puritan Abigail Smith (1744-1818) was born to William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy of Weymouth, MA, a family peppered with Congregational clergy. Her father was a minister of solid repute, and also an educator with a fine library.…

TV Review- History Channel’s “Washington”

Historical documentaries have changed forever. Reduced attention spans have spelled the end of the wistful images and genteel music of the Ken Burns style of documentary making. Now, actors and live action fill the time between the insight provided by “experts.” The word of historians apparently ring hollow, so the new style also interjects opinionsContinue reading “TV Review- History Channel’s “Washington””

Stalin Takes Over at Yalta

“It was not a question of what we would let the Russians do, but what we could get the Russians to do.” Future Secretary of State James Byrnes commented on the Yalta conference which began on February 4, 1945. Most historians now agree that Yalta… is where Stalin exerted his will upon the European continent. Continue reading “Stalin Takes Over at Yalta”

Bring Back Washington’s Birthday Celebration

There is something absurd in our generic observances of “Presidents Day.” Do we truly wish to venerate Warren Harding, Zachary Taylor, and Franklin Pierce? Should Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump really be exalted in our collective memory? President’s Day is a workplace convenience contrived by the government to limit available vacation days inContinue reading “Bring Back Washington’s Birthday Celebration”

Review of “Thomas Jefferson: A Life” by Willard Sterne Randall

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Willard Sterne Randall’s “Thomas Jefferson: A Life” was published in 1993.  Randall spent the first seventeen years of his professional career as a journalist for a variety of Philadelphia-area publications. He later earned a Masters degree from Princeton and began a career as a historian…

Young Women Homesteaders and The Promise Of The West – Letters To Home

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In today’s post I will be sharing some letters from women homesteaders in the United States at the beginning of the 1900s. The Homestead Act allowed adults to work land out west in order to own it after a period of time. Their stories are inspiring and enlightening.…