Trump has Jackson’s Worst Traits

Trump’s advisors insist he is the second coming of Andrew Jackson. Never mind that Trump has no record of public or military service, the similarities are portrayed as real and historic.

Such claims are ludicrous when measuring the commendable aspects of Jackson’s life. Military heroics and public service are glaring holes in the Trump resume.

However, both men struggled with insecurities and turned to conspiracy theories to explain away their inadequacies.

Trickery and Hickory
  • Jackson convinced himself, and thousands of his supporters, that the election of 1824 was stolen from him by a “Corrupt Bargain” between winner John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. Despite evidence to the contrary, Jackson’s refusal to accept the Constitutional results altered our history.
  • Trump is unwilling to accept the fact that he did not win the popular vote in 2016. He and his supporters are trying to perpetrate the falsehood that millions of illegal votes were cast for his opponent. He has offered no evidence to support this claim.

Insecure delusions compelled both men to attempt to rewrite history- satisfying their unchecked narcissism.

2 thoughts on “Trump has Jackson’s Worst Traits

  1. This article is rather ironic, as it’s the Democrats that are claiming that they were somehow cheated. They even came up with a crackpot Russian conspiracy theory to explain their loss. They even claim that they were cheated in 2000 as well.


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