“Votes for Women” – Coal Region newspaper published a “Women’s Suffrage Edition” in March 1914

Wynning History

On March 18, 1914, the staff of the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader turned over their newspaper’s pages to the “Equal Suffragists of Luzerne County.” This organization advocated for women earning the right to vote in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

Suffrage Cover (1)

The edition they published, 32 pages in all, was put together by the women of the “Equal Suffragists.” They wrote the news stories, gathered the advertisements, wrote the editorials, and printed the edition on the newspaper’s presses. The issue is a stunning piece of the history of the women’s rights movement.

The editors placed a small note on the editorial page of the Times-Leader. It explained the issues purpose and what the authors of the “Women’s Suffrage Edition” intended by its publication.

Here friends – on March 18th, 1914, we, the Equal Suffragists of Luzerne County, make our bow to you and the world at large.

We ask you…

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