August 27, 1917: President Wilson Responds to the Peace Plea of Pope Benedict

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Eventually President Wilson would incorporate parts of the peace plan, go here to read about it, Pope Benedict proposed on August 1, 1917 in his Fourteen Points Peace Plan, but on August 27, 1917 Wilson formally rejected the Pope’s Plan: AUGUST 27, 1917 To His Holiness Benedictus XV, Pope:…

Arnold’s Treason: 240 Years Later – August 30, 1780

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On August 30, 1780, Benedict Arnold fully committed to treason by accepting the final terms presented by Sir Henry Clinton regarding the plot to turn over the fortifications at West Point to the British. Arnold’s reply to a letter written on July 24 by Clinton’s adjutant-general and chief…

Madison on Separation of Powers

Events of recent weeks necessitate a reminder from Madison on the appropriate division of power in Washington. In Federalist 47, he emphasizes: “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definitionContinue reading “Madison on Separation of Powers”

Essential Civil War Reading

Battle Cry of Freedom, by James McPherson.  Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this is the best one volume account of the War told by its greatest storyteller.  It traces the conflict from Free Soil to the assassination of Lincoln in an authoritative voice that has yet to be rivaled. To the Gates of Richmond, byContinue reading “Essential Civil War Reading”

Bristoe Station Battlefield in Prince William County, Virginia

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A chance to inflict a devastating blow on their opponent turned into a disaster for Confederates at this Northern Virginia historic site. Click to expand photos… The Battle of Bristoe Station was fought on October 14, 1863 between Union forces commanded by Maj. Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren and Confederate…

George Clinton: VP 4 and Maybe 5

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Everyone knows John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, VPs 1 and 2. Some know Aaron Burr, VP 3. But George Clinton? George Clinton’s Qualifications George Clinton (1739-1812) was a New Yorker from upstate, considered among our Founding Fathers (perhaps minor, but still worthy) who performed excellent service to both his…

Criticism from Former Presidents

Barack Obama is being hailed as the first former President to bluntly criticize a sitting Executive publicly. While his words at the Democratic National Convention were frank, they are far from the most biting commentary ever recorded. During Wilson’s bid for reelection in 1916, none other than Theodore Roosevelt shared a rather harsh opinion ofContinue reading “Criticism from Former Presidents”

Defense of the Electoral College

Madison and Hamilton created the Electoral College for specific reasons… and suppressing minority voters was not one of them.  Plurality is part of the Federal electoral process, but integrated to meet the needs of federalism.  States matter in our compound republic.  Madison wanted them involved in the process of choosing the executive. Madison said,  “TheContinue reading “Defense of the Electoral College”

An 1863 assassination attempt on a US Army commander near Pottsville

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In the summer of 1863, tensions were running high in Schuylkill County. With the Federal government drafting men into the US Army and an armed military occupation taking place in the Coal Region, the situation was perilous. And amid this dangerous moment, someone attempted to assassinate the US Army officer…

Benjamin Franklin and The Free Public Library

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Arguably the most famous portrait of Benjamin Franklin.   Our Founding Grandfather Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) was old enough to be father to George Washington and John Adams. He was also old enough (perhaps) to be grandfather to James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. He was the oldest signer of both…