Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest (Virginia)

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Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

Virginia is rich in Presidential history, with 4 of the first 5 Presidents hailing from the Commonwealth. While most people know about Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, fewer people know about his country retreat, Poplar Forest. Located in the picturesque mountains around Lynchburg, this historic home has plenty of outdoor space to enjoy during these fall months.


Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Martha, inherited Poplar Forest in 1773 from her father’s estate. At the time, Jefferson served as a member of the House of Burgesses. In just a few short years, he would be known as the “pen of the Revolution” for his work on the Declaration of Independence, along with other revolutionary documents.

Poplar Forest first comes into history as a place of refuge when Jefferson flees capture by the British at Monticello in 1781. Over the years, Jefferson used his architectural skills honed by…

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