History Wishes for the New Year

For History’s sake, I’d like to see…

  • The Thomas Jefferson Foundation focus on Jefferson scholarship and curatorial work, rather than Hemings family research
  • A national movement to protect historical monuments and memorials from vandals who would erase our past to suit their present
  • The New Eisenhower memorial generate an appreciation of his governing and military accomplishments
  • A Presidential inauguration
  • The current President leave office, and return to reality TV.
  • Congressional term limits
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment
  • Remove any and all politicians who would abuse their offices to undermine our democratic process
  • Normalcy in Washington
  • More substantive debates, less twitter
  • So-called “public intellectuals” praise America’s history, rather than apologize for it
  • Fewer history PhD’s, more public historians
  • Less angst over the Confederate flag, more effort at learning the history behind it
  • Andrew Jackson’s face on the $20 replaced with Clara Barton’s
  • Your continued readership and support……

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