Letters from War – No peace for the holidays as the Battle of the Bulge raged, December 1944-January 1945

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This is part of our “Letters from War” series documenting the World War II letters of Irvin Schwartz of Pine Grove, PA. The letters were all published in the West Schuylkill Press-Herald between 1943 and 1945.  Read the previous letter here A 1944 photograph of Irvin Schwartz In this letter,…

The Death of FLOTUS Caroline Harrison

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The election of 1892 was another Presidential rematch. The Rematch Election Sitting Republican President Benjamin Harrison was poised to seek a second term – against Democratic ex-President Grover Cleveland, who held the position from 1885-9. Grover Cleveland, the opponent. Grover Cleveland was generally well considered – even by Republicans.…

Great American Duels- Congressional Violence

Challenger:  Henry Clay- United States Secretary of State, Former Speaker of the  US House of Representatives Challenged: John Randolph- United States Senator from Virginia, Seven term US Representative from Virginia The Offense:  On the floor of the US Senate, Randolph challenged the legitimacy of the John Quincy Adams administration and implicated Clay was part ofContinue reading “Great American Duels- Congressional Violence”

Bring Back Washington’s Birthday Celebration

There is something absurd in our generic observances of “Presidents Day.” Do we truly wish to venerate Warren Harding, Zachary Taylor, and Franklin Pierce? Should Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump really be exalted in our collective memory? President’s Day is a workplace convenience contrived by the government to limit available vacation days inContinue reading “Bring Back Washington’s Birthday Celebration”

Supreme Court Justices- Mt. Rushmore

Recent discussion about the Supreme Court prompted… some thoughts about the greatest men to sit on our nation’s highest bench.   Four faces that best exemplify jurisprudence in American history. Here goes…. John Marshall: Chief Justice 1801-1835– The George Washington of justices, the first and possibly the greatest.  Marshall established all future Court behavior in MarburyContinue reading “Supreme Court Justices- Mt. Rushmore”

James Monroe: The Hats Story

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James Monroe came to office with more executive, legislative and diplomatic experience than any previous POTUS. JM: The Fellow In A Tricorn James Monroe (1758-1831) was the last of the Virginia Triumvirate: three-in-a-row two-term Presidents serving between 1800-1824. Considered the earliest image of James Monroe. Born in Westmoreland County,…

Greatest Generation

99 men signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution… a group we consider the Founders.  Plenty has been written about what set this generation apart- today, it seems most writers attempt to separate them for alleged transgressions.  Today we accuse them of being greedy aristocrats determined to maintain their vast fortunes-  we forget what actuallyContinue reading “Greatest Generation”

FDR and the Lend-Lease Metaphor

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? It’s an old story told thousands of times, but still rings true. FDR: The President on Two Fronts In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt accepted the Democratic nomination for an unprecedented third term in office. Despite being crippled by polio, details assiduously withheld from the general public, his…