FDR and the Lend-Lease Metaphor

Presidential History Blog

It’s an old story told thousands of times, but still rings true.

FDR: The President on Two Fronts

In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt accepted the Democratic nomination for an unprecedented third term in office. Despite being crippled by polio, details assiduously withheld from the general public, his winsome grin and outgoing optimism had endeared him to the American voter. He won easily.

FDR cemented his relationship with the public via his Fireside Chats…

FDR had managed to tread the waters of the Great Depression for eight tumultuous years. Nothing completely cured the chronic unemployment and energy-sapping hard times, although the finger-in-the-dike, plug-up-the-holes, fight the fires “alphabet soup” programs had helped to a degree. But the people truly believed the President cared, and was trying to help them. He was.

…and everybody listened.

Coinciding with the still dragging Depression was a new and ominous threat from overseas. The rise of…

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