Changing the Office Forever

“The President is the direct representative of the American people…”  Andrew Jackson defiantly responded to his censure by the Senate.  Jacksonians believed the election victory in 1832 was a mandate from the people to kill the National Bank.  Jackson withdrew the nation’s deposits from the bank despite protests from Congress and his own Cabinet.  BankContinue reading “Changing the Office Forever”

The Army Airborne and the start to Camp MacKall

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Airborne, Camp MacKall The original idea for an American airborne came from Gen. Billy Mitchell in 1918.? His? commander, Gen. Pershing agreed, but once the WWI Armistice was signed, the plan was terminated.? In the late 1920’s, Germany began training parachute units and in the 1930’s, they led the world…

Madison and Party

The current political parties are trying to harness the power of the disinterested masses by stoking fears and passions rooted in volatile issues like immigration and the culture wars. Both parties want to maintain a majority and implement policy. Neither side has been given such a mandate by the people. Any minority with greater thanContinue reading “Madison and Party”

Madison and American Spirit

Madison argues that oligarchy is difficult in America because of our size and diversity… but critics consistently cited the House of Representatives as the most susceptible institution in the new government.   Anti-Federalists argued that the Representatives would have the least amount of sympathy… with the masses of people; focusing exclusively on the narrow interestsContinue reading “Madison and American Spirit”

Andrew Jackson’s Magnificent Truxton

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Andrew Jackson loved horses since early boyhood AJ: Rider and Racer The story of 12-year-old Andrew Jackson serving as messenger in the Continental Army and later captured and imprisoned is true, told in every history book. Besides his daring and rash personality and general knowledge of the woods and…

Related Reading: “Tecumseh and the Prophet” by Peter Cozzens

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Tecumseh and the Prophet: The Shawnee Brothers Who Defied a Nation by Peter Cozzens 533 pages Alfred A. Knopf Published: October 2020 Peter Cozzens’s recent book “Tecumseh and the Prophet: The Shawnee Brothers Who Defied a Nation” was published in the fall of 2020. Cozzens…

Jefferson on our Resilience

Jefferson offered an optimistic assessment of our republic’s fortitude. Words that we should turn to today; “I know, indeed, that some honest men fear that a republican government can not be strong, that this Government is not strong enough; but would the honest patriot, in the full tide of successful experiment, abandon a government whichContinue reading “Jefferson on our Resilience”

Truman’s Wit and Wisdom

Truman on firing General Douglass MacArthur – “I fired him because he wouldn’t respect the authority of the President. I didn’t fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that’s not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three-quarters of them would be in jail.”Continue reading “Truman’s Wit and Wisdom”

Nullification Lingers

The Doctrine of Nullification lost in the court of history… as a nation state and as a people we rejected it, outright.  Our Constitution created a hierarchy of law to bring order to the muddled system of 13 competing legal systems.  Madison, describing government as an unruly beast defended the Supremacy Clause: “it would haveContinue reading “Nullification Lingers”