Maymont (Richmond)

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Many larger cities have historic homes that hearken back to the Gilded Age, places like the Biltmore in North Carolina or the Hearst Castle in California. In Richmond, we have Maymont, a home built in 1893 for the wealthy Dooley family. The home and its grounds are a wonderful place to visit, especially in the fall.


James and Sallie Dooley were one of the wealthiest families in Richmond during the late 19th century. James built his fortune on railroads and investments. His wife, Sallie May, was a writer, and together, they made large contributions to the Richmond arts and philanthropic community.

Their home, May Mont (named after Sallie and the French word for mountain), was completed in 1893 on a bluff above the James River. The 13,000 square foot Queen Anne-style home is one of the few historic homes to have remained the same without renovations or additions…

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