Grant, Grant, The Tanner’s Son…

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Held his nose and away he run…

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The quintessential Ulysses S. Grant

Jesse Grant, Tanner

Jesse Root Grant (1794-1873) was Pennsylvania-born, but migrated to southern Ohio as a small child. He had a decent education for his time and station in life, but possessed a strong desire to get ahead, and a fair aptitude for business.

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The parents Grant

As an adult, he became a tanner. He bought horse and cow carcasses, processed them in vile-smelling chemicals to make them pliable, and sold the leather to saddle makers, shoemakers, harness makers, and anyone else who worked with leather. Occasionally he sold those finished goods in his store.

By his late twenties, he was considered a prosperous middle-class businessman, with several holdings. He had sufficient means to begin his own family, and courted and married Hannah Simpson, also Pennsylvania-born, but migrated to Ohio as a young woman.

The two were polar…

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