Madison and State Legislatures

James Madison observed following Shays’s Rebellion in 1786: “It is said that…a great proportion of the offenders choose rather to risk the consequences of their treason, than to submit to the conditions annexed to the amnesty; that they not only appear openly on public occasions, but distinguish themselves by badges of their character; and that their insolence is in many instances countenanced by no less decisive marks of popular favor than election to local offices of trust and authority.”

It does not take much imagination to take these words and apply them to the crisis in American politics today.

The offenders, those who have perpetuated the falsehoods concerning the election of 2020, are now pushing for radical(and unconstitutional) election reforms in state legislatures across the country.

The dangerous factions Madison believed would be controlled by the composition of our republic, have found nefarious methods of subverting the law to remain in power.

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