History Wishes for the New Year

  • An authentic, realistic, and gritty film made about the fighting men of the American Civil War.  All politically correct platitudes about slavery, secession, and racism must be left out of the script… tell the story of the men who fought the war, not the academics who  steal the narrative. 
  • A spirited talk show on the History Channel where controversial historical topics can be debated.  False consensus and authoritative conjecture pass for the final word far too often in historical scholarship today- let the “experts” fight it out, for the record. 
  • George Washington returns to the top of the list of most “influential” Americans
  • The National Park Service continuing to work with the Preservation Trust and other private groups to help preserve America’s heritage. 
  • All school districts considering the 1619 Project as curriculum take into consideration the objections esteemed scholars like Gordon Wood, Sean Wilentz, and James McPherson.
  • Remove Confederate monuments from communities voting to do so.
  • Prevent school districts from banning books by WEB DuBois, Frederick Douglass, Mark Twain, and Toni Morrison.
  • Save the Oxford Comma.
  • Protect the true mission of Charter Schools- keep class sizes small and expectations high. Brick and mortar is not a sign of academic quality. Corporate charters are ruining the movement.
  • Bring back basic Civics class to every school district.
  • Utilize Section 3 of the 14th amendment where necessary.

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